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I played with Audacity and the results amuse me.

August 14, 2008

Link.  They sound glitchy, in both the technical and idiomatic senses.  See if you can tell which one is illegal.


Spider dna music

July 2, 2007

Between the dissertation and the two small children, I haven’t been able to do ICS in a long time. So a few weeks ago I converted some of my spider dna sequence data into midi with Protein Music, edited the files in Garage Band, and called the results my session. Here they are. One (cyt-ox.mp3) has data from the same gene from many spiders, the other (ex158.mp3) has data from a couple of genes from a single spider.

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Look, I made an Opabinia

May 15, 2007


More info about Opabinia at Wikipedia, and I’m telling you all kinds of good stuff comes up on Google.