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Rideable Jules Verne-inspired robots.

August 26, 2008

Les Machines de l’ile: Official site (in French), Wikipedia,  two Flickr sets 1, 2.

My runaway favorite is the crab larva.



Joe loves Cryptopsy.

May 30, 2008

Direct YT link.

The funniest thing is how the kid stops banging when he sees his mom coming.

Cryptopsy website.


Best. Onesie design. EVVVAARRRRRR!

April 11, 2008

Second best:  Mom Rules.


Harry Potter, Meh, by PZ Myers

August 15, 2007

A Pharyngula post taking Rowlings to account for utterly lacking imagination, and also providing a list of children’s authors who imagine circles around her. I bought the first Harry Potter book in Santiago when I was about to fly back to the states stopping in Lima, San Jose, and San Salvador. I read about the first third or so and spent the remainder of the flight reading the in flight catalogs rather than finish it.

I added the links below.

I know it’s a children’s book. Good children’s literature, though, is not baby-talk versions of trite stories with happy endings — it is not teletubbies on paper. If you’re avoiding L’Engle, Wynne Jones, Pinkwater, Alexander [wikipedia], LeGuin, Pullman, de Saint-Exupéry [wikipedia again], White [wikipedia yet again], Rowling [meh, right PZ? What’s your point?], even Lewis [wikipedia quatrafecta with many external links] because they wrote for children and young adults, then you are missing some excellent literature. It’s a huge mistake to regard children as stupid versions of adults who need an inferior literature….

I can’t believe he forgot Lewis Carroll.

[edit a few hours later: Susan Cooper]


Nick Didkovsky explains JMSL to little kids

June 12, 2007


Direct YT link

Also, many years previously, Herbie Hancock demonstrates the Fairlight on Sesame Street


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