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Recent acquisitions, 20080109

January 9, 2008

Planxty – eponymous first record. High quality Irish folk music, much more traditional that Steeleye or Fairport.  Wikipedia.

Melvin Jackson- Funky Skull.  Late sixties R&B/Jazz hybrid with the melody work being handled by Jackson playing an upright bass through an ancestral form of the envelope filter.  He kinda sounds like the grown ups on peanuts, and I mean that in a good way.   Appearances by Leo Smith, Roscoe Mitchel, and Lester Bowie.  Elsewhere geblogkt.

Trio of Doom- Not a bad record at all, but given that it’s Tony fucking Williams, John fucking McLaughlin, and Jaco fuckingfuckmemotherfucker Pastorious, I have to wonder, is that really the best they could do?


Listening diary: Following up on the British prog/folk…

September 4, 2007

I picked up a couple of those British prog/folk records from that list I linked to a few weeks ago.  Time Will Pass by the Spriguns is perfectly listenable, even if the main effect of listening to it is to realize how great Liege and Lief is.  First Utterance by Comus is quite uneven, its low points are hippy drool (but again perfectly listenable and not without musical skill), but at its peaks it reminds me variously of early Can, pre-echos of Faun Fables, sometimes even Renaldo and the Loaf.


“Some personal views [not mine -sl] on British folk rock”

July 25, 2007

Here they are.  The records I know are great, the rest I’m intensely curious about.

The via trail: Alan Terrill commented that Stump’s entire ouvre is going to come out soon, so I went to Kev Hopper’s site for more info, but there wasn’t any, so I went to his blog, where he wrote about how great one of those records is, so I googled it.