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I’ve always wondered what an ondes martenot in action looked like…

September 5, 2007

Now I know.

Direct YouTube linkĀ 

(which leads to some very nice Messeian YouTubery: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 )



Spider dna music

July 2, 2007

Between the dissertation and the two small children, I haven’t been able to do ICS in a long time. So a few weeks ago I converted some of my spider dna sequence data into midi with Protein Music, edited the files in Garage Band, and called the results my session. Here they are. One (cyt-ox.mp3) has data from the same gene from many spiders, the other (ex158.mp3) has data from a couple of genes from a single spider.

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Nick Didkovsky explains JMSL to little kids

June 12, 2007


Direct YT link

Also, many years previously, Herbie Hancock demonstrates the Fairlight on Sesame Street


Direct YT link


Thanks, worm, for giving us the music.

May 4, 2007

direct YouTube link.

Thanks for the hot tip, Gino.