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Sux2B an ant, example # 827.

January 28, 2009

Direct YouTube link.


“If you had six legs, where would your ass be?”

October 6, 2008

Nick Park and Creature Comforts weigh in on the origin of life.

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Extant Anomolacaris look-alike.

September 26, 2008

Image links to plate in a Flickr stream, but check out the Bibliodyssey post.

Rideable Jules Verne-inspired robots.

August 26, 2008

Les Machines de l’ile: Official site (in French), Wikipedia,  two Flickr sets 1, 2.

My runaway favorite is the crab larva.



Arachnologist on teevee

August 7, 2008

Jason Bond named a spider after Stephen Colbert, precipitating his Warholian quarter-hour.  Here’s a  link to the video at Comedy Central dot com.


Spider on spider violence.

June 1, 2008


Originally uploaded by Malaysian Spiders

…which in an of itself is nothing unusual, but this is a pretty spectacular example.


The ugly truth about “…the rats among pollinators.”

May 23, 2008

Museth Myrmecos:

The notion of the honey bee as an integral component of our natural ecosystem is something of a myth.

In truth, honey bees are the rats among pollinators. Cute and fuzzy though the bees may be, our heavy subsidy of a single-species bee monoculture is undoubtedly a factor in the spread of invasive weed plants and the decline and extinction of scores of other bee species. Our native bees, fine pollinators in their own right, are having to compete against syrup-boosted truckloads of industrial honey bees at the same time as we bulldoze their habitat for new housing, and they aren’t faring well.

For this reason I just can’t get worked up over “colony collapse disorder“ [click through, this is hyperlinked at the original post-sl]. Yes, I know farmers need the pollinators, and that colony collapse disorder is adding to the already high cost of food. But this problem is not some unforseen tragedy of nature. It’s not even about nature. It’s about a predictable byproduct of industrial agriculture.

Plus, he takes really good pictures of them (and lotsa other stuff too).