Encounter in the Canyon

August 1, 2009

Encounter in the Canyon

Originally uploaded by zymoglyph

From the Zymoglyphic Museum‘s awesome Flickr stream. Their text accompaniing the set:
“Collages made for the second edition of the museum guide to show what the Zymoglyphic region might look like through the eyes of 19th century explorers. Based primarily on the works of Gustave Dore, Ernst Haeckel, Pieter Breugel the elder, and Hieronymous Bosch.”



  1. Hi Steve –

    Thanks for beng such a fan!

    I noticed your Woodring blog and wondered if you have seen these:

    I’m wondering if I use them in collage people will think I lifted them from him!

    Are you going to come visit the museum in person one of these years?

  2. No! Thank you!
    As a fan of both JW and EH I would never mistake those, although if there are any remaining Woodring fans who don’t know Haeckel your use of them would be a step towards flipping them.
    I’ll come to your open day when I finish my PhD or when my two year old goes to college, whichever happens first!
    (Seriously, it breaks my heart to miss it every year)

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