Recent Acquisitions, 20080703: Jewy stuff.

July 3, 2008

413 A by Zakarya. I’m enjoying this more than anything new that I’ve gotten since I got Asmodeus (and Ribot’s on this too). Buy a disc from Tzadik, mp3’s from Amazon.

Limbic Rage by the Amoebic Ensemble. How did I miss these guys? Roughly triangulatable between Clubfoot Orchestra’s Ralph stuff (less polished), Degenerate Arts Ensemble (less rock), and klezmer/gypsy/roma accordionny whatever. Posted as wma’s at Mutant Sounds, here are some mp3’s in case you don’t happen to own the Windows Media patent. You can a couple of tunes from this and a couple from their other record at their MySpace page. The main dude now puts out his stuff on Cuneiform. Some of his projects are also sampled at this WFMU Beware of the Blog post about the Providence RI scene, about halfway down.


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  1. […] True Story Concerning Martin Behaim by Zakarya. Third record of theirs I’ve bought since this post, 413a is still the strongest but it’s all great.  Buy discs from Tzadik, MP3’s from […]

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