I went to Amoeba, and all I got was…

June 3, 2008

Xaphan (Masada Book of Angels 9) by Secret Chiefs 3. I went to see SC3 a year or two ago (w/SGM) intending to totally dig it and to buy some tunes off of them. I dug it every bit as much as I expected to, but instead of buying their cd’s I just went home and listened to some Turkish music cd’s and some Peter Thomas (fansite). This is a good record, a little loungey for me at times, but the band and the material are both interesting. Available from Tzadik. [EDIT 20080618, here’s a more detailed review from a less slothful blogger]

Killing Joke by Killing Joke. (eMusic just had their more recent stuff) I have an unhealthy nostalgic obsession with music that I would have listened to as a teenager if only I’d had a brain and a spine. Killing Joke are particularly poignant because I remember in the 10th grade a dude saying “Steve, you gotta go see Killing Joke at the Keystone Berkeley,” to which I probably replied “get serious, man, they have short hair.” (I didn’t even have enough sense to enjoy the Subhumans show that I saw) And I love the anecdote that they got heavy into occult shit and convinced themselves that the apocalypse was coming so they moved to Iceland.

Zemir Atick by the Urban Tunélls Klezmer Band. Total blind impulse grab. Good stuff, kinda mellower than my favorite contemporary klezmer, but energetic and unimpeachably executed. Samples at link.



  1. Peter Thomas is cool… agreed. SC3 Xaphan loungey, though? hmm…

    Re: UTKB, thanks for the link. I like Klezmer, too… David Krakaeur (sp?), Masada, KlezFactor, Lithuanian Empire, yadda yadda yadda… anyway, I searched around and UTKB has a MySpace, too: http://www.myspace.com/urbanklezmer


  2. It’s a little loungey for me, I certainly wouldn’t pick it up for someone who’d sent me to the store for some Martin Denny. I like it more and more and more and after three weeks the praise in the post feels faint. But it does sound loungey to me. Speaking in my capacity as a guy that’s never been in a chill room at a rave, it makes me feel like I’m in a chill room at a rave.

    It’s Krakauer, and your blog rocks.

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