A few recent aquisitions.

May 8, 2008

Foamy Lather by Ultralash.  MP3 samples at link.  Arty folk rock that incorporates electro-techno sounds in an organic way that does niether interferes with the folkiness nor brings annoying club music to mind.  It is a sad comment on our times that it’s taken civilization this long to come up with “World of Suck, ” now that Karry has it seems so obvious.  

Sings by Patty Walker.  She somehow marries the Miles/Gil Evans vibe with the Ayler/Ornette/Sun Ra vibe, and her piano playing uses alot of Hindemith/Milhaud kinda colors (in a good way).  Wikipedia, AAJ, Perfect Sound Forever.  Here’s a tune.

Ersen Post-psych almost-prog vaguely folksy rock from Turkey, 1971. Good stuff, lotsa oud ‘n’ saz, etc. Info at label’s site, order page with mp3 samples.  More info over here.  It was on when I walked into Amoeba, that’s the only reason I know about it.


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