Listening diary: highlights from this month’s emusic take.

January 31, 2008

Sexotica by Sex Mob– This one is really really fun.

Beat Reader by the Vandermark 5– Great rock-infused improv. I was a big fan of the Vandermark Quartet back before I fell off the edge of the earth.

Betty Davis by Betty Davis Stanky funk that’ll stain your underwear, one way or another. Sly Stone via Captain Beefheart (except, you know, a chick), with an massively gutsy band that includes Larry Graham, Neal Schon, and dudes from Sly’s band, Graham Central Station, and Tower of Power. Thanks for the hot tip, Dren.

Live, Love, Larf, and Loaf by French, Frith, Kaiser, Thompson. 4 exceptionally talented (!) droogies hang out and make a record. What’s not to like?

Funky Donkey by Luther Thomas Party music from the 1973, AACM stylie. Lester Bowie, Bobo Taylor, JD Parran, and Joe Bowie! Why didn’t I have this record in 1986 when I listened to nothing but Defunkt (self link)? As much as I like it, the Amazon listmaker who writes “if the hole in the middle of the disc was bigger i’d have sex with it” may actually like it marginally more.


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