Atlas of Creation by Harun Yahya

January 9, 2008

I am insanely jealous of Ainsley, who now owns the Atlas of Creation. Most of the book is juxtapositions of bad pictures of fossils with bad pictures of conordinal living things (fossil fern, living fern; fossil bunny, living bunny; fossil fly, living fly) alongside the erroneous claim that there are no differences between the extinct and extant forms. Anyway, here’s his example of a living caddisfly:


It’s a fishing lure. He stole the image from Graham Owen, from whom he also stole this:


…which he believes is a living spider. A few pages earlier, he juxtaposes a fossil scolytid with a living pentatomid, saying that the living pentatomid and the 25 myo scolytid are exactly the same thing.

Make sure you click through and look at Graham Owen’s fishing lures, they’re worth it. My fave is the solpugid.


  1. Those aren’t fishing lures, they’re art.

  2. ‘Twas Satan’s lure that hooked him! Argh!


  3. Well, thanks to a thief, Graham Owen suddenly gets a wider exposure. Amazing work.

  4. Seriously..
    Lawsuit. The U.S. IP laws are ridiculously strong.

  5. Sue that bastard. This is beyond being merely tragic and funny.

  6. Speaking as one who has pursued the wily trout in many a high, cold stream and has rigged I don’t now how many hooks and lures to fool those worthy denizens of the watery world, I can only say that this idiot never wet a line in his life and therefore has no idea what the hell he is talking about.

    Ignore him.

  7. Speaking as one who has pursued the wily trout in many a high, cold stream and has rigged I don’t now how many hooks and lures to fool those worthy denizens of the watery world, I can only say that this idiot never wet a line in his life and therefore has no idea what the hell he is talking about.

    Ignore him. Better yet, challenge him to a fish off.

  8. Sorry. Unexpected web behavior. I swear I didn’t post twice.

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  12. this “Atlas of Creation” seems a very interesting book…

  13. Who is Harun Yahya ?

  14. Harun Yahya is the Turkish creationist Adnan Oktar, who heads an obscenely rich and somewhat mafious creationist organization (and apparently thinks he needs a pseudonym).

    His “Atlas of Creation” is famous for containing things like a juxtaposition of a 160-million-year-old salamander fossil (complete skeleton, with tail; photo ripped from somewhere online) and a modern frog (photo ripped from somewhere online) with a text to the effect of “ZOMG look how this 280-million-year-old frog is absolutely identical to the modern frog!!!1! This proves evilution is false and what the Qur’an says about creation is true!!!1! Qur’an WINZ0R!!!eleventyone!” And this over and over and over again for hundreds of pages.

  15. Here is more on Oktar and his now forbidden organization.

  16. harun yahya..?

  17. wow,the fishing lures were quite eye catching to me and neat, it’s a shame, you can obviousely see the hooks.

  18. Harun Yahya is also the reason why wordpress.com has been banned in Turkey for more than 3 months now. Apparently someone had a blog bashing Harun Yahya’s dubious character and questionable religious sect so HY sued wordpress.com and had it blocked in Turkey. Way to go jerk!

  19. Thanks for scanning this, Steve! If it is okay, I will blog about your blog on my blog, resulting in some kind of entomological nerdsplosion.

    Man, those lures are incredible! What kind of fish would go after a solpugid, though? (let alone one made of “jungle cock.”)

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  21. You can actually see his whole book on-line. This page includes the two images above and many more similar images.


    Note how good ole Harun has placed his “HY” watermark on the images he used on-line.

    Islamic Creationists are a fairly new beast, getting their momentum from our own home-grown Young Earth Creationists. Have a read of this for more info:


  22. He can do such ludicrous pseudoscientific joke and instead of getting booed, attained fame. It’s a miracle in its own right.

    Perhaps he’s God? 😆

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  24. While I can’t figure out how anyone can believe the fairy tale of evolution the use of a tied fly to simulate a real caddis makes his book hard to believe.
    I do know that creation is real. Maybe you believe that monkeys still give birth to mutations that are called humans but it never happened and never will. The guy who thought that one up must have hated his ancestors.

  25. Who is this Harun Yahya gentleman?

  26. Insert joke about hook line and sinker here.

    Creationists stealing (and re-copyrighting and watermarking!) pictures, Intelligent Design stealing and re-narrating computer animations. S’crazy stuff…

  27. @mobe
    nobody said monkey gave birth to human being. 😀

  28. Those flies are gorgeous, I am loving Owens’ site.

    I’m now going to have a read of this ‘Atlas of Creationism’ – should provide me with some laughs.

    And Mobey – that’s not how evolution works, go and read up on it before dismissing it out of hand.

  29. I can’t find the offending pictures in the pdf download version of the book. Have they been removed or am I looking in the wrong place?

  30. Steve,
    I can’t thank you enough for finding my bugs in publication. I really didn’t know what to think at first, came as such a surprise, but I thought you may be interested to know that I contacted a copyright lawyer and sent a letter to the author of the book. For some reason I doubt a reply will be immediately forthcoming. I took today off work and stayed home creating realistic flies, houseflies…

  31. False Caster, the caddisfly is on page 244 of the printed version, the “spider” is on page 241, and the scolytid/pentatomid is on 237.

  32. Aren’t fishing lures a clear example of Intelligent Design?

    Well, then!

  33. Thanks, stevelew but it’s the pdf copy that I have and these page numbers don’t match up. I would dearly love to run this story in the UK fishing magazine I write for but I’d like to see the evidence in the pdf file with my own eyes first. That’s what made me wonder if the author has already removed the offending images.

  34. My boss is a professor in Genetics and he was sent a copy of “Atlas of Creation” (which is HUGE, by the way, and not your average mass market hardcover – it must cost a fortune to publish) to review. I think the cover letter said something to the effect of “Since you are an esteemed scientist, please have a complimentary copy of this super scientific book. We would greatly appreciate your comments!” Needless to say, we didn’t even dignify the author with a response. Crazy stuff, though.

  35. False Caster, the image is on page 246 of the first pdf in the zipped folder that I just downloaded a minute ago from the link in the post, the spider is on 243, and the scolytid and pentatomid are on 239.

  36. @ Shirley Wu
    …how big?

    Some confidence on the letter, though.

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  39. very good blog!!!

    You see video and download video here!!!


  40. […] amber, and concluding there’s been no evolution. The problem, as you can plainly see from the photo I borrow from Forbidden Music, is that the “living” example is actually a fishing lure; Oktar has plagiarized a […]

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  42. I’ve seen that Mr. Owen has posted a comment, so I’ll plead to him here: Mr. Owen please please please sue this man!

    I already knew how utterly stupid the book was. So, when I first saw the book, my reactions were:
    – Oh, it must have cost him a lot to publish this (but I knew he had the money)
    – There are no credits or copyright notices for the pictures he has used, and they look like they are of American origin. I wish they sued him!

    I want this guy to pay for publishing such a -insert negative words here- book using others’ images to get his stupid ideas through. But what I really want is that he gets a lesson. In Turkey, there are a lot of loopholes in the judicial system, especially regarding laws on internet and copyrights. This man has used the weaknesses of the system, with his army of attorneys, to defend himself against former followers (who get to see the light. He is basically a cult leader.) Recently, he has internet sites who publish stuff against him banned: wordpress is the one mentioned, but it’s not the only one. Most recently, richarddawkins.net has been banned, probably he’s behind it. He’s basically censoring negative views/criticisms of himself, and unfortunately he is able to do it, nobody (not the courts) says “you can’t do that!”

    So, I want justice! If Turkey’s judicial system is unable to stop him, let the American judicial system do it. He should be told that he’s not all powerful, he cannot get everything he wants, including intellectual property. There was one “victory” against him by a website (Eksi Sozluk) in Turkey (considering the whole cumbersome process and HY’s ugly tactics, it was a victory), I hope he gets another blow for his disregard of IP while using images for his book.

    Sue him! (But you’ll need a good lawyer!)

  43. he is a very known charlatan in Turkey. and very rich though!

  44. wow! I just checked those links about this HY person. He is very egocentric person I’d say for the SO many pictures of him in that site … and check out the Versce shirts and the Miami vice style!… wow!

  45. […] olarak, PZ buna Pharyngula’da dikkat cekti, fakat eksiksizlik acisindan ben de bir resim ekliyorum. Sayfa 244′te Yahya, trichopteralarin […]

  46. Guys,

    Nice to see you people reacting the copyrights of the images but you are not grasping how well this person is politically connected. He is simply above the law in Turkey. His followers are simply everywhere. I’ve seen an interview where the report asked

    “We know you have many friends in high places. Would you use your connections to get you out of trouble?”

    He answered

    “I don’t need to. They follow their hearts.”

    So you see, he is not even denying his status. This person is also well protected by another Muslim leader, Fetullah Guven, which is under US protection, living in States at the moment.

    Any serious attempt on damaging Harun Yahya will simply go down the drain, you can count on it.

    Sorry to burst your bubble…


    Harun Yayha with his works, particularly The Atlas of Creaion has clearly exposed and placed the myth and deception of evil-ution into the open.
    Though the book has some mistakes in OVERALL terms the job is well and truly done – and with class and style too.
    There is no way out. Just open your eyes and do not out of vain wishfull-thinking ignore and resist the truth – It is over.

    So much so that dawkins who conveniently hides behind the secular establishment who in undemocratic fashion protect and do not allow any opposition to this darwinist dictatorship , DEBATE ADNAN OKTAR OR ANY OF HIS COLLEAGUES ON THE SUBJECT.

    Adnan has ruffled many feathers in high places and the falsehoods and slander against him and his ongoing legal troubles are to be expected and no surprise.

    It is only a matter of time before the disgracefull lie and deception of the fairy tale of evolution (150 years!) will become OFFICIAL GLOBALLY as more and more people are becoming aware of what is going on.

    Only propaganda and demagoguey is keeping it alive -The ‘life support machine’ will soon be switched off!

  48. This is a plastic fishing lure, you can find the original photo here : http://www.grahamowengallery.com/fishing/more-fly-tying.html

    With this funny evidence you can have an clear idea about the scientefic level of Harun Yahya’s (Adnan Oktar) research, who is known as a radical religious sect leader in Turkey.


    Harun Yahya’s including a picture of a model insect alongside a fossil caddis fly in his Atlas of Creation was an excellent thing from his point of view. The insect, a model of which appears in the Atlas, is in any case still living today. Living specimens are identical in appearance to the model. There are pictures of the living insect all over the internet. There is also no such picture in other editions of the book, and original pictures of the insect are provided instead. Dawkins seized in this as an error and published it on his web site. In the wake of that, various newspapers and websites that imagined this to be a great discovery immediately carried the report on Dawkins’ web site. The fact is, however, that contrary to what Dawkins thinks, the issue is not one that works against Harun Yahya. The Atlas of Creation was about how an insect living today, pictures of which can be obtained from a great many sites on the internet, has never changed over the last 25 million years. THANKS TO DAWKINS, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE NOW VISITED THE ATLAS OF CREATION WEB SITE, AND HAVE LEARNED HOW THIS ORGANISM HAS REMAINED UNCHANGED FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS.

  50. […] But the very finest comparisons were discovered by entomologist Steve Lew. […]


    The Atlas of Creation has hundreds of examples which disprove evolution and no verbal acrobatics can change the fact of what the eyes can clearly see.

    Your attempts are nothing but vain and desperate efforts to cast doubt on a work which has had the secular estsblishment running scared.
    eg Dawkins refuses a public debate with HY or his colleagues on the subject.

    The Evolutionist Tradition Of Concealing Fossils
    General / 2008-08-30

    Darwinism is such terrible a lie that,

    – For 150 years it convinced people that living things had evolved.
    – It convinced people they were descended from ape-likes.
    – The theory was treated as a scientific one, even though it possessed not a shred of scientific evidence.
    – Efforts were made to give the impression that intermediate forms existed, though not a single one has ever been found.
    – Although not a single protein has ever been manufactured in the laboratory, the diversity of life was still ascribed to chance.
    – All of humanity was indoctrinated with the lie that unconscious, uncontrolled, inanimate atoms combined together in a random manner and gave rise to states, civilisations and scientists who examine their own cells in the laboratory.
    – In doing all this, of course, it used only lies, fraud and demagoguery.

    Darwinism is such a terrible lie that the proponents of this ideology had no hesitation over producing hoax fossils and exhibiting these for 40 years. Darwinists have made a habit of resorting to fraud in order to invent intermediate fossils. They have no reluctance over taking fossils of perfect living things and using them to invent a whole evolutionary scenario. They have countless scenarios about the imaginary first cell, but they are unable to account for the emergence of even one of that imaginary cell’s thousands of proteins. They say that mutations cause evolution, but they have been unable to endow a single living thing with any advantageous trait by way of mutation even in the controlled laboratory environment.

    For that reason, they have sought a solution in fraud. Helpless in the face of the fossil record’s failure to support their theory, Darwinists have taken fossils belonging to flawless life forms and interpreted them according to their own desires, and have even resorted to blatant fraud.

    They manufactured the Piltdown Man hoax, exhibited for 40 years, by adding the jaw bone of a recently deceased orang utan to a human skull, and the Nebraska Man fraud by producing representations of him and his supposed family on the basis of a single boar’s tooth. They have engaged in propaganda to the effect that natural selection causes evolution, by adding feathers to dinosaur fossils or pinning peppered moths to the trunks of trees. For years, the portrayed the Coelacanth as an intermediate form, and were surprised when it transpired that the creature was still alive today. They came up with an imaginary “scenario of equine evolution,” although horse fossils dating back 53 million years were identical to horses alive today, but eventually had to confess that this, too, was a fraud.

    They tried to use hoax embryo drawings to explain the supposed evolution of man. But they then had to retract that false scenario when Haeckel, the author of the drawings, admitted that “many hoaxes had been perpetrated in the name of the theory of evolution, and that he therefore had no compunctions about doing so.”

    In short, Darwinism is a lie. EVOLUTIONISTS FEEL THE NECESSITY TO CONCEAL FOSSILS because their hoaxes have constantly been exposed, and because all genuine fossils refute evolution.

    Darwinists Hastily Hide away a Fossil the Moment They Find It, As They Did with Cambrian Fossils

    Fossils are one of the main forms of evidence to refute evolution. One hundred million fossils unearthed from the various strata of the earth and revealing that living things remain unchanged since the moment of their first creation represent an insoluble dilemma for evolutionists. The fact that each one of the fossils they should have used to verify their own theory in reality confirmed the truth of Creation lead Darwinists to hide fossils away. They were unwilling for people to see and know about them. They did this a great deal in the past and are still doing it today. They spend hours, many pages, talking about the false demagoguery of evolution. Yet to date they have said not a word about the one hundred million fossils that currently exist. Millions of fossils have been unearthed as a result of a constant stream of excavations all over the world. But there are no museums in which Darwinists exhibit these. They have never put them on display. We know that millions of fossils have been unearthed, but they are nowhere to be seen. And this is a Darwinist strategy used all the time.

    One of the most significant examples of this is the fossils discovered in Canada’s Burgess Shale region in 1909 by the palaeontologist Charles Doolittle Walcott. He was quick to hide these perfect fossils, the result of 4 years of excavations and some 530 million years old, away.

    But why?

    The reason is that the 530-million-year-old fossils in question definitively refute and eliminate evolution. These fossils belong to a time known as the Cambrian Period. Yet according to evolutionists that was a time when nothing should have been alive apart from single-celled life forms, or a few multi-celled ones devoid of complex, basic structures. According to the myth of evolution, it was impossible for there to be anything else.

    But these Cambrian Period fossils were the harbingers of doom for evolutionists. The fossils in question reveal that life forms from that time had the same complexity as living things today, and declare that the present variety of life, and even a greater variety, emerged all of a sudden. Moreover, no fictitious, primitive forerunner showing that these life forms were descended from others ever existed. These fossils exhibit a perfect complexity at a time when, according to evolutionists, living things were in a completely primitive state, and loudly declare that living things were created in a single moment, with the appearances they still possess today. This tolls the death knell of Darwinism and spells its total collapse. Darwinists have a habit of resorting to demagoguery on subjects they are unable to explain, but it is impossible for them to say anything at all about the variety of life that emerged 530 years ago.

    Indeed, as the late Harvard palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould has said, the fossil record, and Cambrian fossils in particular, was Darwin’s greatest worry:

    The fossil record had caused Darwin more grief than joy. Nothing distressed him more than the Cambrian explosion, the coincident appearance of almost all complex organic designs…[1]

    That explains why Walcott, a dyed-in-the-wool evolutionist, RESORTED TO HIDING THE FOSSILS AWAY.

    These magnificent Cambrian fossils WERE CONCEALED FOR 70 YEARS.

    The Burgess Shale fossils only emerged into the light of day in 1985, when the museum archives were re-examined. The Israeli scientist Gerald Schroeder makes this comment on the subject:

    Had Walcott wanted, he could have hired a phalanx of graduate students to work on the fossils. But he chose not to rock the boat of evolution. Today fossil representatives of the Cambrian era have been found in China, Africa, the British Isles, Sweden, Greenland. The explosion was worldwide. But before it became proper to discuss the extraordinary nature of the explosion, the data were simply not reported.[2]

    The Parrot Fossil Concealed for 40 Years

    The concealment of the Cambrian fossils was no isolated event. Hiding fossils is a Darwinist tradition. A 65-million-year-old parrot jaw fossil was hidden from the public gaze for many years because it reveals that parrots are living fossils that have remained unaltered for millions of years and thus invalidates the theory of evolution. That was the state of affairs until one researcher, a University of California, Berkeley graduate by the name of Thomas Stidham, decided to investigate the fossil collection in the Berkeley Paleontological Museum. Subsequent analysis of the fossil revealed that it represented the oldest-known parrot fossil to date and was contemporaneous with the dinosaurs. X-ray scans of the 13-cm fossil showed that a “K”-shaped feature on the fossil (constituting blood vessel and nerve pathways) is identical to that in modern-day parrots. Darwinists resorted to HIDING THE FOSSIL AWAY FOR 40 YEARS in order to conceal that fact.

    100 Million Fossils Unknown Fossils

    The Darwinist tactic of hiding fossils away continues in great secrecy even today. Most people are unaware that to date more than 100 million fossils have been unearthed across the globe. Specimens known as living fossils that reveal that life forms have never changed even over millions of years were hidden away by Darwinists for many long years, with only a few examples ever reaching the public gaze. That explains why people scanning scientific publications or the internet only encountered these few, well-known examples in their search for living fossils: there was a Ginkgo leaf, a nautilus, an okapi… For years, just about everyone imagined that the world contained just a few examples of living fossils and these were very seldom in any way surprising. They had no idea that that there were millions of living fossils, comprised of just about all life forms, wolves, horses, rabbits, turtles, and almost all species of fish, bird and reptile.

    The sole reason for this is that Darwinists have kept these 100 million fossils carefully hidden away.

    Why Do Darwinists Feel the Need to Conceal Fossils?

    Because fossils refute evolution. The fossil record contains not a single intermediate form fossil. The entire existing fossil record, 100 million specimens, consists of perfect-looking, complete and flawless life forms. Living fossils comprise a very significant part of these 100 million fossils. The unearthing of just a few of these, even just 4 or 5, would sound the death knoll of the theory of evolution. That is why Darwinists have panicked when confronted by 100 million fossils.

    In the same way that they felt they had to hide away the glorious living fossils from the Cambrian Period for 70 years, they are now trying to keep this magnificent collection that totally refutes evolution from being seen.

    That is why Darwinists have made such great efforts to keep the fossil record covered up. The theory of evolution is totally discredited in the face of these 100 million fossils. And it is the Atlas of Creation that has announced this. The Atlas of Creation has told the whole world of the existence of 100 million sublime-looking living fossils, just when Darwinists were least expecting it.

    The Atlas of Creation: The Re-action Darwinists Never Expected

    The Atlas of Creation has neutralised the Darwinist strategy. People have suddenly learned that there are more than 100 million fossils in the world and that not one is a transitional form of the kind that might verify evolution. This reality, that they were so keen to keep concealed, has now been put on public display, with full illustrations, and even in fossil exhibitions. People have seen and touched them. All these 100 million fossils are perfect, and all prove the fact of Creation. Some belong to perfect and extinct life forms, and most are living fossils. Darwinists found themselves confronted by the Atlas of Creation when they were least expecting it. People have been given full details of the proofs of Creation. Thus the Darwinists’ attempts to conceal these fossils for so many years has finally exploded in their faces.

    The whole world is now aware of the invalidity of evolution. Presidents make unequivocal references to it. The entire world says it now believes in God, with 90% of people in polls conducted on well-known web sites saying they believe that God created living things. The theory of evolution, which was adopted officially in the whole world and protected by national laws, has suddenly become a questionable theory devoid of any evidence, and states are making considerable attempts to have it removed from the school curriculum. That is the result of fossils that had been carefully concealed finally emerging into the light of day.

    The fake Darwinist success of the last 150 years or so, obtained through deception, fraud and the concealment of evidence refuting evolution, has suddenly turned to ashes. Darwinists have suffered a shock defeat, just when they thought that they had the whole world in their grasp and had turned their theory into an immutable law. This is a re-action, expected by Muslims and occurring at a time of God’s choosing. Because God has promised Muslims that He will eliminate falsehood and consolidate the truth.

    Say: “My Lord hurls forth the Truth – the Knower of all unseen things.” Say: “The Truth has come. Falsehood cannot originate or regenerate.” (Surah Saba’, 48-49)

    [1] Gould, Stephen J., The Panda’s Thumb, 1980, ss. 238-239
    [2] Gerald Schroeder, Evolution: Rationality vs. Randomness, http://www.geraldschroeder.com/evolution.html


    Evolution is only “surviving” on propaganda and demagoguey which secular establishment cling to in the name of blind attachment to materialist philosophy.

    It is all over.

    Get over it


    Darwinian ideology is the only one to enjoy global state protection. It has been protected by special laws for 150 years, and is still protected today. One can criticise even the most dangerous ideologies, such as fascism and communism, but criticism of Darwinism is absolutely squashed.
    This has been the case for the 150 years of the history of evolutionary theory:

    Darwinists’ despotic methods have to date been used to silence people who have seen the truth. Professors in many parts of the world who have attracted attention by issuing anti-Darwinist statements have been hurriedly removed from their posts. Biology teachers sceptical of evolution have been forced to teach it through hints to the effect that “Keep your anti-evolution views to yourself, or we will wreck your career!” Professors sceptical of evolution have been obliged to support it. The scientific findings opposed to evolution have been swept under the carpet. No anti-Darwinist activity has been allowed in any official institutions or bodies anywhere in the world. Dictatorial methods have been used to hide the fact that science refutes evolution.

    Michael Reiss

    The most recent example of this policy of intimidation has come from Britain. Michael Reiss, director of education of the Royal Society, Great Britain’s most prestigious scientific institution, recently found himself the target of an intense reaction from Darwinist circles for rightfully suggesting that Creation be taught alongside evolution in schools. Darwinists were baffled by the way that such a pro-Creation suggestion could come from this scientific institution, known for its pro-evolutionary activities. Fanatical Darwinists such as the atheist evolutionist and zoologist Richard Dawkins were not slow to launch verbal assaults. Darwinist scientists affiliated to the Royal Society issued statements that Reiss’s suggestion has been “misunderstood” or that the professor “did not actually mean to say that…” in order to demonstrate their “embarrassment” to the Darwinists making these protests. This pro-Creation suggestion, opposing Darwinism which is protected by law, from one of the strongholds of Darwinism, threw all Darwinists into a panic.
    The fanatical Darwinist dictatorship did not long delay in imposing sanctions on this brave suggestion. Professor Reiss was hurriedly REMOVED FROM HIS POST as the Academy’s director of education. The professor, who HAD BEEN ASKED TO TENDER HIS RESIGNATION “for the good of the institution,” was told that he could continue to teach biology but had LOST HIS POSITION OF DIRECTOR in the Academy.
    This policy of intimidation, that has been implemented in a comprehensive manner across the world for a long time now, is an indication that the Darwinist dictatorship is turning into an empire of fear as time passes. The policy is also, of course, an indication of another important reality: THE COLLAPSE OF DARWINISM!
    Were the theory of evolution true, then it would be supported by scientific evidence. Darwinists would be able to produce intermediate form fossils and show that protein emerged by chance. Creation being taught alongside evolution in schools would not terrify the proponents of evolution. Darwinists would feel no need to hide the unearthed fossils and to manufacture forgeries. They would have no need to resort to intimidation and fear to silence those voices raised in favour of Creation, which they actually know to be telling the truth. The way they resort to these methods to prop up the theory of evolution is the most definitive proof of the theory’s total defeat. Darwinism has been routed, because the Atlas of Creation has proved to the whole world that the theory of evolution is a fraud.
    People have now changed their opinions in the wake of the Atlas of Creation. They no longer believe in the idea that Darwinists have been trying to impose, that everything came into being by chance, nor in the lie that chance gave rise to life, human beings, civilisations, technology, Paris and London. They are unwilling to have efforts made to impose that nonsense on them. Having seen 100 million fossils they no longer find any of the theory of evolution’s accounts credible.
    For that reason, intimidatory tactics can no longer be of any benefit to the fanatical Darwinist dictatorship. Darwinists can no longer convince people of the veracity of the theory of evolution. The 150-year-old fraud that is evolution has been annihilated by means of the Atlas of Creation.
    Say: “Truth has come and falsehood has vanished. Falsehood is always bound to vanish.” (Surat al-Isra’, 81)

  54. It would seem that Harun Yahya actually believes in evolution and wants to make peace with Richard Dawkins – http://www.turkishdailynews.com.tr/article.php?enewsid=116328

    This is going to make it very difficult for Joe Morreale to cut and paste in future.


    See his book, “Why Darwinism is incompatible with the Qu’ran

    There is no difficulty whatsoever Pebbles(epeeist). Adnan is only saying that God could have created via evolutionary method HAD He wanted.
    The social darwinist aspect as well as living things turning into different species, ape, human fairytale scenario remains absolutely incompatable with Islam as well as established modern scientific findings (eg the mathematics regarding cell and fossil record absent of any genuine transitional fossil, and there should be millions!)

    Millions of fossils which refute evolution have been instead hidden from the public.

    Only micro evolution has been proved which is simply the reshuffling or recombination of existing genetic material which has its limits and never is any new genes and information produced which is what the theory requires for MACRO (big mutations)EVOLUTION to happen.

  56. Dawkins has proved what we have known all along and that is that he hides behind the secular establishment who continue to support and promote his work in the name of materialist ideology which is disgracefully defended (agenda-driven) even though it has been scientifically refuted and SHOULD BE MADE OFFICIAL GLOBALLY.

    This attitude makes a mockery of democracy.

    Adnan has already done the publicity part with his Atlas of Creation which has placed the deception of evolution now more in the open and hence the reason why Dawkins and the secular establishment behind him will not dare to debate Adnan as this would lead to massive exposure of the lie of evolution world-wide wherby it would then inevitably lead to it being made OFFICIAL.
    We know of course that is the very last thing the secularists with their agenda want.

    The reason why Adnan has called for a ban on dawkins site is because of the personal insults there.
    It certainly isn’t because he fears his ideas as his challenging richard to a debate wherever he wishes on the subject conclusively shows.

    Creationism in DEMOCRATIC fashion should be taught alongside darwinism in educational system
    and allow people to make up their own minds to where the truth lies.
    It would become clear to many (nearly everybody) that evolution is a fairy tale deceptively imposed arbitrarily on masses by indoctrination via propaganda.

    Evolution is dead. It is only a matter of time now untill it becomes OFFICIAL.

  57. well done brother. the rasist evos blasted. i was reading there hatefull coments with out scientific debate or reason or proof and logic based refutation. has GOD SAID “The wrongdoers and falsifiers will reject any thing but disbelive” quran

  58. […] sikkert yderst fromme folk, der har forfattet det 768 sider store pragtværk, åbenbart har ladet hånt om ophavsretten til nogle af billederne. Det er ikke godt; Gud ser som bekendt ikke mildt på […]

  59. Hello. And Bye. 🙂

  60. […] The case of the fishing lure.  this is in fact an image lifted from the web (see the link for the original source), and is one of a series like that. […]

  61. Oh, you know those “fossil skulls” Yahya claims are proof that mammals lived in the Cretaceous?

    And how he likes to go on and on and on about Piltdown man et al?

    …Massive, massive projection on his part. I urge anyone who has a nice hi-res monitor to zoom in on the photos of the animal skulls on his websites and take a good look…


    …So, not just fishing lures — dog skulls and plaster castings doctored to look like “fossil” skulls (to the uneducated). A comparison to the real thing will make it apparent they aren’t what he claims they are.

    (I think I found a fun little hobby. But there is much work to be done…)

  62. Very impressive photos, an eye opener!

  63. allah is all a lie.

  64. http://www.psychologicalwarfaremethods.com/ please vist

  65. Jamshed Moidu AKA Jamshed Kunnoth and his fellow clone cultist Joe Morreale always show up to robotically spam blogs with their master’s dogmatic rubbish.
    Anyone who is credulous to believe a word of Adnan Oktar’s cut and pasted (from American creationist websites) attacks on evolution deserves to be ridiculed.
    Oktar styles himself as a messiah and consequently his ego is expanding faster than spacetime. Though his recent jail sentence must have put a damper on his narcissistic personality.

  66. “Creationism in DEMOCRATIC fashion should be taught alongside darwinism in educational system
    and allow people to make up their own minds to where the truth lies.
    “It would become clear to many (nearly everybody) that evolution is a fairy tale deceptively imposed arbitrarily on masses by indoctrination via propaganda.

    Evolution is dead. It is only a matter of time now untill it becomes OFFICIAL.

    by Joe Morreale October 14, 2008 at 9:28 am”

    What? And your “Allah did it” isn’t a fairytale?
    there is far more evidence for evolution than there is for Allah and Muhammed. See here for instance…


    As for deception, indoctrination and propaganda We leave such stuff to you and your fellow dogmatic religionists.
    As for democracy, oh sorry…DEMOCRACY it wasn’t very democratic of Adnan Oktar to try to block all criticicsm of him from the net. What is he really afraid of? That folks will find out the truth about what a total liar Oktar is?





  71. […] she’s interviewing Adnan Oktar, a.k.a. Harun “fishing lure” Yahya. I think his responses basically speak for […]

  72. He deleted the fishing lure with a hook picture from the newer versions of his Atlas of Creation

  73. […] […]

  74. Awesome! It does not matter what kind of trout you fish for, Brook trout, Brown trout, Tiger trout, Splake trout, Lake trout, Cutthroat trout or even Kokanee, there is nothing but skill that will help you.

  75. OOoo hah: I thought this article was BY Harun Yaya (the demon of the Golden Child movie…) but it didn’t seem like his style, being sarcastic, AND HONEST, hahah, then I realized it was about him. I was thinking of replying, “Didn’t you get in trouble for rape?”

    That’s pretty funny hah, the fishing lure hahahahahah. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    Why is this blog called forbidden music though?

  76. tha fact that Dawkins’ care to reply Harun Yahya, who’s declared his propheciency, also spending hours disprooving him in his meetings shows Dawkins is not intelligent enough and easy to provocate.Harun Yahya is a clinical case and ye Dawkins;effort to mock him making a fool out of him actually expose Dawkins, and unfortunately glorify harun hayha.

    • So Yusuf, let me get this right…because Richard Dawkins used his knowledge as a scientist to point out that failed interior designer Adnan Oktar’s book was not up to the standards of a true scientist, somehow Dawkin’s is the unintelligent one?
      If you knew anything about Adnan oktar you wouldn’t be writing such foolishness. Aktar is easy to provoke, and such a coward that he tries to ban any criticism of his pseudoscientific bilge.
      Yusuf, take some advice. Read Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth and see how much of a real scientist and educator Dawkins is. Oktar represents ignorance and charlatanry.

  77. […] Blogger zum Thema 09.01.2008 Forbidden Music – Atlas of Creation by Harun Yahya 06.07.2008 Richard Dawkins – Venomous snakes, Slippery Eels and Harun Yahya 26.02.2009 Irtiqa […]

  78. The probability of providing the particular amino acid sequence of Cytochrome-C is as unlikely as the possibility of a monkey writing the history of humanity on a typewriter ñ taking it for granted that the monkey pushes the keys at random.
    Ali Demirsoy, Kalitim ve Evrim, Ankara:
    Meteksan Yayinlari 1984

  79. I’ve just been pointed here, and I was in touch with Graham Owen via E-Mail a little while back , suggesting that if he could find a lawyer to take the case on pro bono, he could earn a lot of money from Oktar’s extremely inflated bank account. After all, the fact that he’s doing jail time, like that other sack of shit liar for doctrine, Kent Hovind, should make such a prosecution easier now. 🙂

    Oh, I see that Joe Morreale, spambot and liar for doctrine, has turned up to pollute the blog. He still can’t see how the fishing lure episode makes his beloved Harun Yahya look like a moron to anyone who has actually paid attention in science class, but then this is what happens when you let your brain be addled by superstitious nonsense. For the record, Morreale was also ejected from RDF for hitting upon a female poster in that specially sleazy way that Islamic fundamentalists seem to specialise in, and I had much fun shredding his asinine, droolingly encephalitic canards when he engaged in spam-botting for his ideological masturbation fantasies over at RDF. Most of the spambots for Harun Yahya are lightweights who wouldn’t recognise a proper scientific argument if it drove an M1A2 Abrams over their faces, which, all too frequently, is what proper scientific arguments do to their copy-paste apologetic excrement.

    Oh, and Taufik, your assertion is again scientifically illiterate horseshit. It’s not sequence that is selected for, it’s function. There are millions of different sequences that produce a working Cytochrome C protein, as any BLAST search on various online genetic databases will establish, assuming of course you know how to perform one, which I doubt. Indeed, there are dozens upon dozens of different sequences for working insulin molecules, many of which are not even the same length as human insulin molecules, but which all work as insulin molecules, as anyone who studied *real* science will happily tell you. So please, take your kindergarten-level nonsense, insert it where the sun doesn’t shine, and don’t bother posting it ever again on any blog or forum that has human beings with *functioning* brain cells posting thereupon.

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  86. Can i say, that your blog rocks! it always privodes with accuarete information, i will keep coming! the atlas was very promising, what about for the current time? i mean, any new updates to this subject?

  87. I purchased this book a month ago, and I was so shocked and disappointed that the author used plastic models of many animals, but the biggest joke was a fishing lure used as a ” real Catydid” and a worse, a paper spider eating a ” fishing lure” insect!!, I mean, really!!?? Did the author think that we couldn’t notice the telltale ridiculously large metal hook ? That really made this book 800 pages of pure bunk, and an unwise investment for me? Yeah., I think I will stick with Richard Daawkins and Douglas Futuyama for now: and even a couple of NatGeo’s are definitely a better source of science journal, (that’s what I get for checking for alternatives in the supernatural crowd)

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  92. […] E de onde vem o dinheiro? ___ Escrito especialmente para RichardDawkins.net. Ver também: post de Forbidden Music a respeito; e fotos de iscas de pesca de Graham Owen. ___ Nota do tradutor Em setembro de 2008, […]

  93. the links to grahams page go to a solar electric company for some reason. here is his post about the lures.

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