I rant a little: mp3 blogs and the guerilla archiving of commercially challenged music.

September 22, 2007

Avant Music News blogs the demise of a couple of MP3 blogs (1, 2) that specialize in making available out of print music (I wish someone had blogged their existence).   I’m a little sad that these people are conflicted about what they were doing. The underlying principle for me is that it is never ethical to prevent music from being heard. I believe that the act of turning a music lover on to something that they need to know about improves the universe by a measurable degree. This act is sometimes complicated by ethical considerations involving monetary compensation, but even in these cases almost always registers in ethical black ink.

A couple of clarifying points: I do not believe that a rightsholder not getting money that they weren’t going to get anyway (which is what we’re talking about with these mp3 blogs) moves us closer to Stalinism. And I believe that in this day and age, scarcity is artificial at best and is usually more akin to market manipulation. The correct way for a capitalist to look at the collision between the internet and content is to recognize that there is no longer a market need for the manufacture and distribution of content. Consumers are happy to do it themselves. Anyone wishing to profit from the manufacture and distribution of content must either add value, or regulate our nuts off. Now who’s a Stalinist?


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