Far Seer by Robert Sawyer.

September 20, 2007

I just read Far Seer by Robert Sawyer. Great idea- the story of Galileo set in a society of pre-industrial dinosaurs (he’s got another one about the dinosaur Darwin and a third one about the dinosaur Freud). I say thumbs at 4 and 8 tho. Although the inspiring idea is brilliant and the worldbuilding is too, I was quite disappointed by the execution (especially since Hominids was so well done, at least the first half or so that I read). Read it for the way he constructs their psyches from their instincts, and because hey, dinosaurs. I still have faith in Sawyer to entertain me, but I’ll probably read End of an Era before I read the other books in this series.

[Edit a few hours later: My dissatisfactions are more or less in line with those  expressed at Prehistoric Pulp, where hope is offered for the rest of the series being better.]


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  1. Hey, found your site at random and am still trying to figure out what it’s about 😉 . Just know that it’s interesting.

    Sawyer actually visited a class I took in university. It was called “Science, Faith, and Science Fiction” and it was about how science and religion shape culture, and how sci-fi reflects that culture back at itself. It started with Frankenstein, and Farseer was one of the books we covered. One of his earlier works, I believe.

    Definitely an interesting guy — full of energy and rapid thoughts, and he enjoyed interacting with the class. But yeah, the book itself I’d give like a B- , I sure hope it’s not his best work.

    here’s my site if you want to check out MY best work, a novel that took me a decade to write. Given your diverse interests, you might like it, it’s non-linear and about many things at the same time.


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