…the copí of estêve of the felt of Juan…

September 3, 2007

Here’s the previous post as transformed by Lost in Translation:

Therefore Juan to that the hermetic partition gave to the form to this
great concert with Yoshi_s 1996 and after that will request to him, if
sistemazione has one, glie never will transmit to him the COMPACT DISC
completely, that in the left. The task that diglossia of the idea _ _
that the copí of estêve of the felt of Juan incorporates a method of
the game and was the thought of this in the left of the jazz and
improv and a method, where in the left of the music of the concert and
the diverse tests both to the form in the same time (diglossia = two
languages). But here eleven years of the agoso, this one can be
fabulation pure. It says me that to the times he reads this blog, if
everything is taking with the commentary of the well-being of he_ll
I_m is false all the indignato or the necessity the end still to know
them something. To all the cases this concert was in the process the
zone of the drawer to the relative end, alot of goodses this person
the one that if movement for New York or the one that connects the
sticky tape of Jewel_s or the one that fallen of the track with other

Works on Lovecraft too.


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