John Schott’s Ensemble Diglossia

September 2, 2007

So John Schott did this great concert at Yoshi’s in 1996, and after I asked him if he had a recording of it he sent me an entire cd that never came out.

I think the idea of “diglossia” was that John felt split between a way of playing and thinking that came out of jazz and improv, and a different way that came out of concert music, and was trying to do both at the same time (diglossia = two languages). But it was eleven years agoso that may be pure confabulation. He tells me he reads this blog sometimes, hopefully he’ll comment if I’m getting anything outrageously wrong or needs you to know anything else. Anyway, this concert was the Bay Area at its peak, alot of these folks were about to move to New York or join Jewel’s band or fall off of the Earth by other means.

More info below

Diglossia for nine instruments
Steve Adams– flutes
Ben Goldberg– Bb clarinet
Laura Carmichael– Eb and bass clarinet
Dan Plonsey– saxes
Willie Winant– percussion
Carla Kihlstedt, Jenny Scheinman– violin
Robin Bonnell- cello
Trevor Dunn– bass
John Schott– conductor
Recorded by Jeff Cressman at Yoshi’s, June 1996

Three Bagatelles
Tom Yoder- Trombone
John Schott– National steel guitar
Rob Burger– accordion
Scott Amendola– Drums

Josephine The Singer
Barbara Linn, Carla Kihlstedt- vox
Jenny Scheinman– violin, viola
John Schott– guitar, percussion
Trevor Dunn– bass
Kenny Wolleson- drums
Karen Stackpole– percussion
Recorded by Michael Marciano at Systems Two, Brooklyn, NY
Additional recording and mixing by Myles Boisen at Guerrilla Euphonics

Steve Adams– flute
Ben Goldberg– clarinet
Laura Carmichael– bass clarinet
Carla Kihlstedt, Jenny Scheinman– violin
Tara Flandreau– viola
Matthew Brubeck– cello
Trevor Dunn– bass
Gino Robair and Karen Stackpole– percussion
Recorded by Jim Lloyd in perfromance at Festival Rovate, ODC Theater, San Francisco, 1998. Mastered by Myles Boisen at the Headless Buddha Lab.


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  1. …or maybe it was me that fell off the Earth. Don’t forget to not read anything I write and just click on the links.

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