Poikilotherm, live, 1986.

August 27, 2007

Poikilotherm was a great trio that passed from this Earth without ever releasing any recorded material. Two saxes and electric bass (mostly), ranging from effect-laden free improv to very tastefully crafted kinda Henry-Cow-esque compositions. Here they are at the Reed College student union, opening for David Thomas in 1986. More info below…

Fred Chalenor- electric bass, other stuff
Marty Dower- saxes, other stuff
Courtney Von Drehle- saxes, guitar, most of the kbds, other stuff

I think I got this on a cassette from Matt Karlsen, I definitely don’t know how or by whom it was recorded.

Fred and Courtney played together alot, most auspicously with the Tone Dogs with Amy Denio. A google search suggests that thier trademark has since been diluted. Fred was associated with Curlew and the Walkabouts not so long ago recently toured with Hector Zazou‘s band that plays very slow music, and more of his journey through time is documented here. Courtney’s got 3-Leg-Torso and Klezmocracy going on, along with numerous day-job-avoision kinds of musical exploits, and Marty buys records at Amoeba and records and performs with Subtle.

Poikilotherm also performed with guitarist Randy Neal and a percussionist named Dave something (and maybe more guys I don’t know about), and worked here and there on some never-finished recordings at Dogfish with Drew Canulette.



  1. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for posting that concert. It’s been a long time since I listened to that stuff. That was some good music.

    As far as those never finished Dogfish recording sessions, I think I am the keeper of the cassette mixes, which are all that are left of the sessions after the Dogfish fire. Dave Lange was the drummer.



  2. I saw Poikilotherm at the Reed College chapel around 1986-87, I think…

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