The colonization of silence.

August 20, 2007

An essay about why passing subwoofers and Sexy Back ringtones are worse than just annoying,  but actual devalue Webern and Feldman, written by Syracuse University composer Andrew Waggoner for New Music Box.

Music is everywhere. Long live it. Just give me five minutes without it; that’s all I ask… Imprisoned by it as I am now, assaulted in every store, elevator, voice-mail system, passing car, neighbor’s home…it is lost to me as anything other than a kind of psychic rape, a forced intimacy with sonic partners not of my choosing.




  1. We are clearly on the same wavelength as pertains our mutual disdain for people who play loud bass. I was just bitching about this on my blog last night, but my take on the phenomenon is that it’s just one more symptom of an increasingly rude, crude, crass culture where people dont show respect for others anymore. Thanks for focusing on one of my pet peeves in very eloquent fashion. Noise pollution is the mental equivalant of second-hand smoke as far as I am conscerned.

  2. It wasn’t me, it was Waggoner. I’m just the mechanism by which the focus diffuses into your sphere. But you’re welcome.

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