“Some personal views [not mine -sl] on British folk rock”

July 25, 2007

Here they are.  The records I know are great, the rest I’m intensely curious about.

The via trail: Alan Terrill commented that Stump’s entire ouvre is going to come out soon, so I went to Kev Hopper’s site for more info, but there wasn’t any, so I went to his blog, where he wrote about how great one of those records is, so I googled it.



  1. […] September 4th, 2007 I picked up a couple of those British prog/folk records from that list I linked to a few weeks ago.  Time Will Pass by the Spriguns is perfectly listenable, even if the main effect […]

  2. […] Forbidden Music Armchair quarterback in the fight against cultural oblivigation « I bloggeth not… Still not an actual post… April 21, 2009 …but I thought I’d let you know that someone has blogged Bright Phoebus by Mike and Lal Waterson, with Richard Thompson, which I previously mentioned obliquely. […]

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