Sea and Land by J. W. Buel, 1889

June 29, 2007

Early man contending with the plesiosaurus

I’m scanning some of the cooler illustrations and putting them in a Flickr set. I’ll be skipping the boats and landscapes and horsies and focusing on the sea monsters and dinosaurs and that kind of thing. There’s a little more than a dozen images up now, I’ll probably have about 40 images up when I’m done and it might take all summer.

More J. W. Buel on the bloggotubes:

Savage World on Google Books.

The World’s Wonders As Seen by the Great Tropical Explorers on the Internet Archive.



  1. Just got done looking at this set. It’s so fantastic! I’ve never been into marking favorites on flickr…too much work, perhaps? I’m lazy. But some of these pictures were too good, and I had to do it. Thanks for scanning them, I can’t wait to see the rest! I’d love to know more about the book.

  2. Thanks for looking, M, glad you liked it. I’m sorry to report that the interestingness of the images is heavily front-loaded, so carefully controlled expectations are appropriate.

    I don’t think that the book is particularly rare- maybe rare in public libraries but probably not in university libraries, and probably frequently sold/auctioned online.

  3. […] Forbidden Music Armchair quarterback in the fight against cultural oblivigation « Poikilotherm, live, 1986. Done August 27th, 2007 I finished uploading my favorite 121 images from Sea and Land. (prev) […]

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