Adrian Belew dissed by pompous ass (and his assistant).

June 4, 2007

Adrian Belew, a guitarist/musician/artist one hundred times more interesting than Jimmy Page, as well as a drooling irrational Jimmy Page fan since before he was famous, was apparently not cool enough for Page to be bothered answering a question that would only occur to the most sincere, long-standing fan of his work.

(And if you read the comments, the answer turns out to be no, that’s not Jimmy Page on You Really Got Me and All Day and All of the Night, he just played rhythm guitar on some Kinks sessions a week or two later.) (It also becomes possible that the tall thin man in the story is not Jimmy Page- fuck it he’s still a hack. Just remember that you’re reading this stuff on the internet. The point is- Belew has a blog.) (23 drum out-takes by John Bonham over here.)



  1. I love both Adrian and Jimmy… obviously, for different reasons.

    To play devil’s advocate, maybe Page was having a shit night? I can honestly say that I’m a nice guy most of the time and a real dick part of the time. People who have only caught me that fraction of the time will tell anyone that I’m a horse’s ass. It’s not a total indicator of character, just that he caught him on an off night.

    Are you a joy to behold 100% of the time?

  2. Fair enough, D. Peace. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in a world without Led Zeppelin records. And although it is certainly Page’s fault that Jake Holmes never got paid for Dazed and Confused, it may not be his fault that he is so vastly overrated a guitar player. Anyway, my gripe is not with Jimmy Page as an asshole, but with Jimmy Page as an illustrative personification of a bogus system that exalts second-rate guitar hacks to a level of aristocracy that necessitates that they be protected from enourmously talented down-market troubadours who idolize them by assistant/handler/bodyguard types, while really great guitarists subsist in total obscurity.* The fact that this particular hack made crucial contributions to crucial records does little to justify such a system in my mind, your mind’s mileage may vary.

    To answer your question, I am a joy to behold approximately 3/8th’s of one percent of the time, but I tell my fans to fuck off myself.

    *That sentence might be better expressed as a flow chart or something.

  3. OK, good point. I agree that the idea of some bogus hierarchy based on money and popularity is shit… especially when the people who are on the lower rungs are talented, smart, hard-working, and all-around decent. It sucks and I agree with your complaint. The idea that some musicians are treated as gods among mortals, complete with servants to do their bidding is idiotic.

    I just don’t think Page is entirely to blame for this.

    I live in America, and this type of “I’m better than you because I have more money, so fuck off” attitude permeates ALL aspects of society from work, to entertainment, to the arts, to family life. That doesn’t excuse it, but I can’t come down too hard on Page himself. He might have just had a “pompous ass moment” rather than been a pompous ass entirely.

    “my gripe is not with Jimmy Page as an asshole, but with Jimmy Page as an illustrative personification of a bogus system that exalts second-rate guitar hacks to a level of aristocracy”
    I’m with you all the way on that one. Unfortunately, that system is called “whoever has more money wins” and it’s all over the damn place. It sucks.

    By the way, good for you not needling handlers. Also, that 3/8ths of one percent is a hell of a lot more than some people I work with. 🙂

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