The Orthotonics- Luminous Bipeds.

April 11, 2007

[UPDATE/EDIT 20090805, I’m killing the links and removing the files because there’s a higher quality rip here ]

A great record by one of the most idiosyncratic trios (drummer, sax/vox, guitar/keys/vox) ever to play rock sensu lato. And it’s too bad you’re hearing it from me, because my copy of the record skips. I would draw your attention specifically to Square of Incoherence (track 9), and Whack-A-Mole (track 10). Black & White TV (track 8 ) is also great, but the skips just kill me. They made a previous record with a much larger version of the band that isn’t as good, but I’d still love to have it [UPDATE/EDIT 20090805 ta da]. And apparently there’s a cassette release floating around out there somewhere. Anyway, here are the tunes.

J. Pippin Barnett- drums, vocals
Danny Finney- saxophones, vocals
Rebby Sharp- keyboard, guitar, vocals
Produced by Fred Frith
Recorded and mixed at Flood Zone Studio, Richmond, VA, Sept. ’85
Recording Engineer Bruce Olsen
Assistant Engineer Doug Carlton
Cover by Bill Altice

I had a record that Rebby Sharp made on her own years later, I really didn’t care for it , I can’t remember what it was called [UPDATE/EDIT 20090805 it was this one, see also]. Danny Finney has a band called Rattlemouth (MySpace) that put out a couple of records on Cuneiform, one of which has Rebby Sharp on it. I haven’t heard them. And Pippin Barnett found fame and glory to the extent possible doing this kind of thing in Curlew.



  1. Thanks! I used to have this album, don’t know what became of it! It’s nice to hear this stuff again after twenty years.

  2. Thanks, will check this out. I liked the Rebby Sharp record (also produced by Frith), though my duplex neighbors quite hated it. In fact, I think it eventually led to us breaking our lease. I also have one of the Rattlemouth CDs; to me, it’s not as listenable.

  3. Hello, I have records if you want to replace your skipping one!!!


  4. […] Forbidden Music Armchair quarterback in the fight against cultural oblivigation « News to me: The Screamers existed. The first Orthotonics record… September 25, 2008 …is over here.  The second one is still here. […]

  5. A digitized, downloadable version of “Luminous Bipeds” is available here (minus the cover I designed, unfortunately).


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