March 29, 2007

“A Fierce Pancake” by Stump blew my mind when I heard it in 1986. They took what sucked out of the herky-jerky skinny tie pile-on going on at a time (post-Devo aftermath), and infused it with a genuine and good-humored will to experiment. Plus Kev Hopper was the best if not only rock bassist to pick up where Percy Jones left off playing bass on those Eno records.

I emailed Kev about posting mp3’s and he asked me not to because of some publishing blah blah blah. Judging by his willingness to give his music away for free (definitely check out Stolen Jewels for non-derivitive sample-heavy goodness)(don’t forget to donate) I’d say he’s not the problem. So until we overthrow the record industry by any means necessary we’re left with this MySpace page and this YouTube video.



  1. They took what sucked out of the herky-jerky skinny tie pile-on going on at a time (post-Devo aftermath)…

    What the hell did I mean by that? I like enough of that pile-on (at least the herky-jerky part) to regret that particular choice of words. The thing is, I’m here to link to music I like, the trying to tell you what I think part is secondary.

  2. The long wait is nearly over -Sanctuary Records are going to release a Stump anthology before the end of the year, featuring all the recorded material and a couple of unpublished tracks! This comes from Kev Hopper’s webpage -nothing on Sanctuary’s yet.

  3. […] via trail: Alan Terrill commented that Stump’s entire ouvre is going to come out soon, so I went to Kev Hopper’s site for […]

  4. An update: there is a mention on Kev Hoper’s page at the top of the News page, but no detail. If you go to Sanctuary Records page and search for Stump you’ll find it, but with no tracklisting. Amazon and others are now showing it as a 2CD set but the track listing doesn’t show ‘Lights! Camels! Action!’ or ‘The Song Remains’. I wrote to Kev and he said the listing is wrong and those tracks will be on, plus some others and its a 3-CD set! The Peel Sessions won’t be included but may be re-issued separately later on. Great news I feel. After the Diagram brothers re-issue last year, this was the last of the 80’s obscurities I was waiting for.

  5. Thanks for the update, Alan! Now I’m off to the googles to learn about these diagram brothers of which you speak.

  6. […] to this post, did I mention that there are more Stump videos up on YT since the last time I posted about […]

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