My new second favorite band.

March 25, 2007

Last Friday night my socks were rocked by three great bands, one of which is my new second favorite band, miRthkon. Having a favorite band starkly contradicts everything that I believe about music, I don’t even want to think about the kind of hypocrite having two makes me (let alone having, at a conservative estimate, 3924 second favorite bands). But miRthkon is my second favorite band, for the simple reason that they are the only band in the world that sounds remotely like my favorite band, Blast: proggy but fun, funk informed but not funky, no neoclassical flourishes, and lots of clarinet.

Actually the reason that I decided that I wanted a blog was because of records like Blast’s Puristsirup, which totally rocked my world and then disappeared of the face of the earth. Hopefully I’ll get around to that post soon.

Here’s miRthkon’s site, which contains mp3 excerpts. Or just run screaming to buy “The Illusion of Joy” like I did.

Also rocking my socks were two more great bands:

The Fuzzy Cousins ( hear them on MySpace) are husband and wife Matt Lebofsky and Jenya Chernoff. They absolutely warrant their own post, maybe after they finish their album. Meanwhile, buy their cdr and a bunch of other stuff Matt’s done here.

The Fuxedos, led by first-call Enac Enac frontman Danny Shorago, of whose songs about a third were written by me (but not the ones on MySpace), making their shows the next best thing to a third show by the 21st century version of Enac Enac. It was very gratifying to hear the entire Starry Plough chanting “Vampire wombats! Vampire wombats! (Robot) vampire wombats!” All of the hyperbolic crap about Danny on their MySpace page is true.



  1. Can’t agree with you more about miRthkon. They are amazing. The Illusion of Joy is one of the best new recordings I have heard in a long, long time.

  2. […] previous post about how great they […]

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